Wednesday, April 18, 2007

lalalala xD
*sings. jumps. skips*
why am i this happy?

well, thanks to Cedric Ang (as "ang" as his undies) tai kor,
and Kah Peng (with his obscene monkey) who nominated me,
i'm in the running for this top20 hottest female blogger.
but hot? ew. so not.
only my temper is. LOL.

click HERE
to read more about what Cedric wrote.

please vote whoever u think is the best okay? (:
show some support k?
we're malaysian lah.
(once the poll is out lah)

i even have my own lil HFBA icon on my pic!

1 comment:

Simmy said...

RRRRR, you're so HAWT, definitely deserves the title !