Monday, January 01, 2007

Make way for this 20 year old. THANK YOU.

it's so hard to believe, time flies and the year has come to an end once again! I'M ALREADY 20!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! well actually in 10 more months I'll be. but I'll be known as a 20 year old now.
It's so hard for me to accept the fact. I'm no longer a teen. tssk*tssk*

2006 has been such a hard year.
Lots of ups and downs.
Lots of hopes, and dreams crushed.
It was also a year where I completed my senior high.
No more schooling years for me. ]:

All bad things aside, 2006 has also been a year where I was blessed with so many friends and great people. It was also the year when I really understood what life is actually like. It's also a year when I actually put down my guards and overcame my trust issues. I've learned so many things from my past mistakes. I've learned how to take NO for an answer. How to move on. How to forgive. And, how to stand up for what I believe in. To be more responsible. To be more reliable.
2006. A year that I will CERTAINLY remember and learn from.

Well, 2007 is here! And I know that it's gonna be a much better year. A more fruitful year filled with blessings and so on. SO much that I look forward to this year, especially meeting that special someone for real. [: It will be a whole different year from 2006. I'LL MAKE SURE IT WILL BE.
2007. A year when I'll look at and take my life seriously.

Enough of my blurbs, here are pictures from 31st December 2006! YAY.

About to go to church :D Thank youuuu Ekie & Frankie for the hair clips! yay. And congrats on your "coming-soon" baby!

B I B L E = Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

My sis. at church. haha.

Emily looks soooo retarded!

MR.BANI a.k.a the man who owes me RM49.90 & myself. :D

hahaha. Reuben, me, Bani and Zihurn. silly, silly!

LONDON BRIDGE with Gerald. er, just pretend uncle Bani's not there. aahha.

US. <3

And again! and today was Zoey's (lil girl's) birthday :D


"what on earth am i here for?" I know why I am. do u know why u're here?

haha. stupid. lol

prayer list for 2007.

about to pray~

haha random shot! emily was about to sneeze :P

*whistles "feeee-uuu-wiiit"* haha. elaine's legs.

going up to the 3rd floor for countdown! yay

view from 3rd floor of my church :D

I'M NOT DRUNK!!! haha.

awww. lol

so.., who has the best bootie? :D

u decided who has the best bootie yet? :D

After counting down, we had a short rehearsal for our One Church One Vision celebration on the 6th. we're supposed to come up with a mascot and a theme for our outreach [: there's gonna be like 2000++ people (i think) attending the celebration at Fort Conwallis! And there's gonna be lots of food, games and a competition of which church branch has the best mascot! We have a mascot, but I'm NOT allowed to post it up UNTIL the celebration's over. Believe me, the mascot's super cuteeeeee :D

GERALD. lol. how cute xD

yay! lookin oh-so-vietnamese :D

Soooo the celebration in church was over. and i did not go for any parties after that ]: wanted to go over to Juru, Autocity but Gary said it's too packed and the traffic was horrible. So all of us stayed in church and had fun instead :D

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