Saturday, December 30, 2006

I MIN'S (sister's) BIRTHDAY!! 28TH DEC.

It was also a day when PMR results came out. Evelyn stayed over at my place for a night.. both of them woke up at 8am, being so nervous and noisy LOL but I still manage to sleep like a pig in my room [: I'm proud of the both of them. They got such good results!

Congrats to Charis & Joel who got straight A's.

we went to Gurney.

Joyce, Nicole, birthday gal, Jasmine, Princess Sarah Thumbelina, Minny!, Evelyn.

Aww I like this picture. for no apparent reason [:

Then we went to MCDs! yum.

Being PUNK ROCK-ish. haha except for SAM. omg. hahahahaha. LMAO! like a bunny hahahahaa.

Su Ting, I Min, Brandon, Jasmine, Me, SPRAYSPRAY (i dont know how to spell his real name. OOPs.), and Sam. this is why i don't smile in pictures :P baah.

MCD's mirror!


Then we went to play pool and foosball :D it was fun!

SPRAYSPRAY and me [:

I SWEAR i'm straight :D u can ask JUAN. lol

weehee.. puffer fishhhhh.

aww us gals.

My cute sister and me :)

do we look a like? [: relatives say we do. she's my cousin Alexis/Lexy.

P O S E R S !


awww. haha. in our very own elements :D

It's raining men, hallelujah it's raining men. AMEN. @ toys r us. LOL.

Brandon and Andrew! Look at Andrew's arms! whoa. lol

Su Ting and Charlene being babies again :D

hahaha. Evelyn wants to be a mommyyyy [:

MOVIE TICKETS! 9 A NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM MOVIE TICKETS!! it was sooo funny that movie. "dumb dumb. i want gum gum." lol

YAY. i look so happy, because there's food :D

After watchin a night at the museum by Ben Stiller (omgoshhh I seriously think the pharaoh is HOT!). Anyways, we dine at kimgary's. [:

The 4 pretty ladies.

I look retarded. but this is a sweet picture :D

want some sugar? hehe look at Jasmine.

&& so at night,
we went to the beach.

Jasmine and her other half. sweet aren't they?
aww, i want somebody to carry me like that too ]:

That's drummer JAMES! weehee.

GIRLS addiction = shoesssssssssss.

JAS and her guy again :D
so compatible.


Felix, James and Samuel dragged it around. ew.

AWWW!! JULIAN !! okay i look horrible, and I dont even look like me but so what! hahahahaha

AHA! CAUGHT jasmine cheatin on her BF lol.
well he was actually standing next to me when i took this picture :P

we went to Autocity, Juru for a dinner. bro is not around :( sobs.

Me, mummy and daddy at Fish Manhattan's [: Don't I just look like mum? hehe.

My sister, got cranky waitin for food.

Sis, mum and meeee :D

I LOVE THIS DISH. flamming platter somethingsomething. they actually bring out the dish, and flame it with fire next to you! amazing :D YOU GUYS SHOULD REALLY TRY THIS.


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