Monday, January 22, 2007


SHITE. SHITE. SHITE. OMG. !%*^&!! The zipper to my Guess? handbag broke. I'm upset! gonna fix it but, dont know how to. BAAAAhhhhh! ]: Rest in Peace. next item to shop for, a Guess? bag.

Anyway, the past 2 days was funnnn. went out with my family to Queensbay mall. Had soooo much sushi [: I've fallen in love. with wasabi. Went shopping. A VERY satisfying week.

The normal routine. Camwhoring before heading out [:

And again.

I took this picture. and I edited it too! [: My sis and me are both addicted to Gwen's The Sweet Escape.

Sis going nutwit waiting for mom to get ready.

At Mango/MNG. gotta love the huge mirrors.

Lovely sister and meeeee.

And by the way, here's where I work. In Juru Autocity. [: Work is alright so far but I can't really adjust to the time frame. Like, we work by split shifts. Today I got off work at 12am. And tomorrow I start at 5pm and I work until 2am. TWO. oh my goodness. My parents are worried of me driving home alone, I don't like the idea as well. Plus, no offense but the staffs are mostly malays, muslims to be exact. We have like I'm not sure maybe 14 waiters/waitresses. And only 5 of us are chinese.

Beautiful eh?

look, NO eyeliner. EYEBAG ATTACK ]: My uncle from Aussie who just got back for a visit told me I lost some weight.

yay. Piau Piau and me at work [: Uniform is temporary. We look like some Carlsberg Beer promoter thanks to the ugly green with white stripes uniform. I look so friggin thin. =.=

90 days until the day


she is patiently waiting.


erlynda said...

changed new job already? haha. cool. XD if i'm at autocity, i'll try to my best to spot you working then. lol...!

Kuria said...

im sooooooo sorry i have no tag board...don feel like getting one at the mo. haha..might do so sooooooooooo bz this fe weeks. muahahhaa..i wanna go auto city! aih. is the food at roxbury good? if yes,might go there when im back during hols :)

Kuria said...

and yes, you can have the wedding gown with the red ribbon :P but u gotta wait til i'm rich. haha. maybe in 20 years time? :P