Wednesday, January 10, 2007

6th day at work and everything is fantabulous. [:

Today's my 6th day working [: time sure flies!
Today, was also the day which I dropped a Ramen Spoon and broke it.
hahahaha!! woops. ]:
Today was also the day where 3 same guys asked me out again.
like heeelllooooo???? do i look available?
Today was the day my boss complimented me. HEEEHEEE.

Anyway, at around 6pm-8pm, there's this old couple, walkin into the restaurant hand in hand. And guess who opened the door and greeted them? ME! "Irashai mashe" I said in Japanese, as in Welcome [: (Idk how to spell that word. baah.)

They were in their late 50s. The wife, clutching a teddy bear and a bouquet of flowers smiling all the way. The man requested for the most romantic place to sit. So I escorted them to sit next to the pond, and pulled the chair for the lady. It was his wife's birthday he said.

It struck me. To see both of them so happy. I was smiling along, no idea why LOL. But it's just beautiful to see an elderly couple STILL walking hand in hand and being so lovely and romantic towards each other. The wife even rested her head on her husband's shoulder as I was pouring tea. awww. [:

Then I can hear myself say,
I want a life like that.

<3 I miss him, even when I was working.

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