Thursday, January 25, 2007

out of boredom.

If I'm given a word to describe how my day was, it would be the word "BORING". Anyways, today I kinda cleaned my closet and arranged my clothes. Put away some old clothes in boxes. [: Surprisingly, two big boxes were filled with my old belongings.

Besides cleaning, I camwhored. bwahaha! Nothing new anyway. :D
Right after I had my yummylicious dinner and a warm shower.

AW. huggies huggies [:

I'm reminding myself of a kitten in this photo. [:

Tommy The BABOON called while I was cleaning my closet. and HE asked for some of my clothes. hahaha.

These are all my tshirts. See, I mean it when I say I have NOTHING to wear! And oh, Tommy the BABOON, u said u want a few of my shirts right? Go ahead and pick, I took this picture especially for YOU! [[:

More clothes - cargos, tube tops, tank tops, dresses, halters. and oh, TOWELS!

More clothes.

AND MORE!!!!! Still not enough, I need to go shopping :D I have like only 170++ tops and about 50 pairs of jeans/cargos/skirts/shorts. ]: I actually counted [: Told u I'm bored!

the things i do when i'm bored.

My sarcasm is about to start [:

HAKUNA MATATA~ put your hands up for detroit!

I become amazing when I'm bored.

Told you I'm amazing when I'm bored.

Every single thing in my room becomes an entertainment tool. :D lmao.

LMAO. when boredom hits me horribly.

oh yeahhh? ....oh YEAHHHHH!!!!

I have no make up onnnnnnn.

I love to puff my cheeks for no apparent reasons.

tralala. my writing is horrible. [: i know.


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