Monday, January 15, 2007

haircut && church.

soooo i got newww hair.
not to say it's really different but it's shorter by the sides, and my hairstylist fixed my annoying fringe. cheers for him [:

anyway, LOL i lmao at this magazine while waitin for my turn to get my hair. look :D

BWAHAHAHHAA!! god. he has better hair than i do!

totally seductive. DAYUUMMM! hahahaha.

new hair new hair new hair. ((:

told u i've gone short by the sides. i look like a kiddo. :D

sooooo today i went to church. church was alright. Dr.Julian spoke on Stephen's death. It was a very appropriate message, saying that we all should hold on to our faith. Good things will come. Just keep praying.

you know, some people just pay sooo much attention in church = Mister Bani.

and some, JUST DON'T. hahahaha.

after church.

Grills baby. Grills.

amazingly my sister looks the best in this picture.

lovely samantha and me.

my eyes look weird :P emily, samantha and me.

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