Wednesday, January 24, 2007

happy birthday. <3

HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY to my BFF @ 23 Jan. Jasmine

We've been great friends for a while now [; Been through a lot together - thick or thin. All the late night chats, late night phone calls and IMs, sleepovers, 'mamak-ing', making prank calls, crazy moments hanging out, camwhoring, and just plain chit-chattering will never end. I love you and I treasure our friendship until this day and I really thank God for blessing me with such an awesome, loving, understanding and silly sister/best friend like you! But I will NEVER forgive you for "raping" me during your stayover. My first time. LMAO.

Seeing you being so upset today ripped my heart out. Nobody should mess around with your feelings and I want you to know that I'll always be by your side just as how you would and will do for me. [: I'll always support you and stand up for you! Our Louis-Vuitton friendship will NEVER be forgotten; infact, it's never gonna end. We still owe each other a Hong Kong trip. yayayayyaa?

Some old pictures.
walkin down memory lane.

as we go on, we'll remember all the times we had together. and as our lives change, come whatever. we will still be friends forever.

we're always UP for food :D

hahaa. remember this?

we look like blood sisters. [:

lmao. reeeeeee-tard.

this was when u stayed over and we had food at 4am. hell yeah [:

friends forever.

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