Thursday, January 11, 2007


our beloved late Pastor Philip Loo (r.i.p 17/12/05)
next to him is his wife, Pastor Florence [:


Today as I was driving home from work, my mom called me and told me that Stephen Loo passed away. Sigh. If you're wondering, Stephen was Pastor Philip's son. He's 26 and was studying in England at a nurse college. I couldn't find where I place his picture in my computer but he's a tall, athletic and good looking man of God. It's just weird how life is. One moment that person is here enjoying life and taking every obstacle in life as a challenge and after a moment, he gives up.


I miss Pastor Philip. I still do. I bet all of us do too especially Jasmine, my sister, Samantha, Emily and Evelyn. Pastor was like our dad. Our stronghold in times of trouble. I wish he's still here.

Nobody is like Pastor Philip, infact he's irreplaceable.

And now, Stephen is gone too. He looks so much like Pastor Philip. Everytime I see him in church, he'll give out the SAME bear hug his dad used to give us.

I guess death will not wait for anyone. If it comes, it comes. If it happens, it happens. Nobody knows why. Nobody knows why good people always leave the world behind before the rest.

I don't know how Pastor Florence is gonna stand all this. Her husband just passed away like exactly 1 year ago, and now it's her son's turn.

Keep her in your prayers, would you?

It's almost 130am, and I still can't sleep. Life is sooo unpredictable. So treasure those close to your heart. And settle for things today, tell that person you love him/her and that you cherish the relationship you both share.

Who knows, there might be no tomorrow.


banisoon said...

WE all misssss Pastor Philip.He has been my companion,fren,adviser all in one.Pastor Florence ,our prayers are with you.
Father in Heaven,
I thank You that Pastor Florence does not sorrow,as one who has no hope,because she believes that Jesus died and rose again,even so her loved one(her husband and son)who sleeps in Jesus will God bring back to Him.I ask that You comfort our beloved Pastor Florence,for You said,BLESSED ARE THEY THAT MOURN,FOR THEY SHALL BE COMFORTED(matt 5:4)AMEN
Is been very sad for all of us.But God is our Jehovah Rapha.


Minny said...