Tuesday, January 30, 2007



to GLACIUS : hahahah ya!! JJ is so small but sooooo cute!! eh, *JJ dont perasan k. I'm talking about a dog here. I'm glad to be its godma! but enough about dogssss. LET'S TALK ABOUT KOI. food for brain remember? lmao. my tagboard is becoming a chatroom d. lol. sorry bout just now on msn, I was on the phone.

to AARON : when will you be free?? exams are SOOO yesterday for me. lalala [:

to LICIA : eh!!! HEROES! that show damn nice k! I wanna watch it on astro, but i dont know which channel, and what time lol. heyyyy why is your blog locked? NOT FAIR ]: and oh, i didnt get injected~ I'm not gonna work there. I HATE needles. period.

to JJ : lol! even dogs have your name [: i'm gonna go "rape" your Queensbay soon. bwahahahhaa.

to JACOB : i don't feel like working anymore. i wanna go singapore!!! I rejected that Nandos job u know..

to YVONNE : small world we live in!! hehehe. glacius super bising la lmao. so hyper. we must hang out someday kk?

to ERLYNDA : i'm gonna be famous in autocity :D hahahahhaa.


My day was alright. I found 4 more jobs which wanted to hire me. After discussing with my parents and all that, I've agreed to work with my dad [: I get paid daily. But I know, this job is gonna be soooo boring although it's easier.

My DAD'S my boss, that's why :D

Anyway, I feel kinda crappy for no apparent reason after dinner time. I start to get emo. I almost cried talking to Louis; he was having a hard day as well. I didn't really talk much on MSN, didn't feel like it. But thank goodness people like Glacius came around and talked about sex in the animal world. lmao that made me laugh a little. And Terrence kinda cheered me up without knowing he did so by telling me his stories, by showing me funny pics and by talkin on the phone with me. Besides, Tommy the BABOON was there to make me laugh a little.

Sometimes the things that we want in life, we can't seem to have it; no matter how much we pray, no matter how hard we've tried and no matter how many tears we've shed..

last night was funnn :D Thanks, Tommy.


what on earth was i doing =.=

i can't sleep.

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