Monday, January 08, 2007


MEEE looking W-E-I-R-D. having a break from work. [:

so here's an update :D at last. oh well! I just started work about 5 days ago at 23Takehana. My first time working. First time out in the real world trying to earn some cash. [:

hmm. i look horrible in that yucky uniform but I post this up because Juan wants me to. lol.

I made about 18 new friends - Billy, Edison, Serene, Lily, Shu Fang, Ai Ping, Lau, Alice, James, Sam, Put, Pong (he looks like DESMOND!), frankly I don't remember all their names hahaha. But they're awesome. Andddd oh! I work in a Japanese restaurant as a waitress if you're wondering.

First day at work, I saw Charis and Gary bwahhahaa. Standing infront of the restaurant waving at me LOL.

I work from 1030-230pm. and 530-1030. baaaah.
6 days job. but it's so much fun [:

I missed the One Church One Vision celebration because I was working ]:

But Jasmine, Eng and my sister came to visit me after OCOV! then we went to MCDs. (see I told u I'm addicted to McD.)

wish i was there ]:

Visit my sister's blog for OCOV pictures [:

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Scott said...

you woek on a roof?

bat girl?