Saturday, January 13, 2007


i need a haircut.
so badly!
i can't stand how my fringe is.

i've just quit from workin at 23Takehana [:
boss wants me to reconsider whether if i want to go back and work part time.
He even offered me a higher pay (hourly) than what I'm earning now (hourly).

The job is tough. Working hours are weird.

You gotta hold on to heavy metal teapots filled with SUPER hot green tea and walk around the restaurant like once every 3-5 minutes.
My hands don't even feel like mine anymore ]:

I dont like to wipe plates and 23 tables + god-knows-how-many chairs THREE TIMES a day.

I had enough of weird, picky, "hi-i'm-paralyzed" customers.

Especially those typical chinese people who act like they're friggin rich.
They try to talk like americans but all you see, they're clutching on a FAKE Louis Vuitton/Gucci/Coach bag and speak with horrible usage of english.
I always try to hold in my laugh.
&& I remember bursting out laughing right after I turn around.

Oh. I sound mean. [:

furthermore, i already broke a ramen spoon and dropped plastic plates.

yesterday i was sent on a spying mission.
opposite takehana, is TAO.
my boss wanted my friend and me to go check it out.
it's a lounge and a restaurant combined. Japanese/Thai/Western food altogether.
TAO is absolutely gorgeousssss!! the design. those man-made lakes and bridges that you can literally walk on.
the menu. the bar. o m g. it's both romantic and awesome. the lounge is a little country to egyptian kinda thing. and the restaurant is more with bamboos.
i sound like i'm promoting TAO. haha.

i'm gonna go for that haircut i need today [:
and maybe tonight go over to 23Takehana to get my paycheque!
weeheeee :D

p/s : i miss my colleagues ]:

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