Thursday, March 01, 2007

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so,i'm gonna change my blogskin soon (:
a new header that is.
and my fonts are too small.
everything is too small.

i'm frustrated.

will be camwhoring this weekend!
so expect this blog to be filled with photos;

i totally lost my voice.
and i'm coughing so much like nobody's business.
i can't even talk properly.
i sound like idk; a robot.

today was fun (:
went out with my family to Cathay Cinema @ Megamall Pinang.
a place where
Erlynda became a cop and start picking on fashion victims. hahaha.
click here to view. she did a whole post with heaps of pictures.

and oh,
we watched Twins Mission.
NOT too bad after all. (:

Just replied his mail
he gives me a certain feeling;
you know,
that one feeling that makes your heart
go - *dub dub dub*;
5 times in a second.



JISHYANG : that one ah! i don't think i'll be going though. too lazy to actually HIKE! hahaha. I might as well hike up my own bed (: visit warren's blog for more info :P click here.

JOOSING : FS as in Friendster! do you have an account there? if you do, add me up!! or, give me your add and i'll do the adding (: OH YA! where did you get that cute lil friends of yours?

JACOB : hahaha okok i will visit your blog. and i will tag you. i will probably spam your tagboard! watch out lmao! anyway, correct la!! it's sweetly singing o'er the plains! i checked my christmas carol book!! BLEK.

SMASHPOP : hahaha ooooppps! maybe next time when i update, prepare yourself with a magnifying glass or something hehe (: but i'll be changing my html codes and layout soon. pictures will be bigger and fonts will be neater. i hope! where are you now at the moment? dont wanna visit your blog d =.= make me hungry ALL THE TIME!

L4WR : you say my passport pic pretty?!!! OMG. when was the last time you got your eyes checked? LOL!! anyway, heyyy when are you coming back to malaysia? it's not that i miss you or what, but i'm anxiously waiting for my "SIZZLING HOT u-know-what" LMAO!

KOOLZ : hahahaha!! which means you have to update soon!!! update la!! apa lost interest =.= cepat update or else i'll kick your assss. :P

GLACIUS : hahahaaha. godhusband. HELLO!!! (: i wanna tag you on multiply but tak ada tagboard ):

VIVIAN : goshhhh girl!!! did the turkish people kidnapped you or something??? u've been missing for so long!!! UPDATE your blog k (: post pics or something. I miss you!! i'm good, but quite sick. stupid weather. how are you?

ERLYNDA : aduh. why not L4WR and you go and get your eyes checked together? LMAO!! and btw, I LOVE YOUR PRANGIN post. hahahaha. You do this often don't you? :D u know, we should go shopping together! ahha (: i think you have great sense of taste!

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frank said...

lookin forward to c u new blogskin n camwhoring photos lol..hope ur voice get well soon :)