Monday, March 12, 2007


i'm sorry for the late updates and replies.
just; a lot of things are going on.


just another typical saturday;
waking up was a drag.
but i'm glad, the day went awesome.
went out with lovelies.

off to queensbay;
but went to my hairdresser's first.
got my fringe trimmed (:

you HAVE absolutely NO idea how long my sis and i were searching for a parking space in queensbay. i was probably half an inch to beeping my honk and cursing the hell out of people. traffic jam for 20 minutes; basement parking. how pathetic.

met up with charlene and suting at starbucks (:
sorry to have you guys waiting for us.
then went to manhattan for lunch.
then yee en came.


oh yeahhh

bumped into Brenda at LaSenza.
classic toilet picture before leaving.

"we in the car
we ride slow
we doing things that the girls don't do.
the boys stare, we smile back
all my girls in the;
Rainbow Cadillac."

don't look at suting.
look what's going on behind suting :P

so sad.
didnt get to camwhore.
i was driving ):

reached gurney!
watched 300.
the movie was alright; so much gore, blood and killing.
historical as well.

18PL movie. but 4 of us are underage.
managed to get in.

.. even in the theater.

and whoa!
at last, bumped into debra.
and yvonne (:
couldn't recognize them at first.
lol. so sorryyyyyyy.

lovely yvonne;
and me (:

would someone even buy something like this?

dinner time!

at breeks. love the new decor.

my sis.
so excited ?

sandwich blablabla.

seafood pasta blablabla.

oven baked rosemary 1/2 chicken blablabla.
dont remember the names!

three princesses.

totally diggin her food.

me checkin it out.



before leaving;
we bumped into ELENA.
it's been a while!
and she's still so pretty. (:
so punk.

left for batu feringgi night bazaar.
and then to a beach party at crown jewel's beach;
with Richard and friends (:

pictures are with Suting.
update ya, girl?!
so that i can link people to your page :P
and i dont have to update again!
ahhahahaa. :D

is this the end for us?

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