Tuesday, February 27, 2007

penang bloggers meet (:

i THINK i'm probably the last one to update.
but oh well.

it was soooo much fun.
met a bunch of really amazing people <3
which definitely screws the myth of bloggers are nerds.
"boo" to you guys who think so :P

group photo.
special thanks to warren.

a passport picture of me.
i look weird.
butttttt i dont care LMAO!
everyone's "forced" to take a picture by Warren.
Just click here for passport pictures of other bloggers that went for the meeting!

MY sign! .OWNED.

meeting place : starbucks.

lmao. for a start.

pretty ladies and myself.
and a guy who's popular for his RED underwear.

i love this picture!
behind-ashtray. :D
took this pic from Cedric's blog.
His blog : Click.

me and the red under man!

me and the man who organized bloggersmeet.
thanks a bunch.
you did an amazing job!
his blogsite : Logic.

his blog : click. koolz and logic.

celebrity blogger Lilian and me! :D
her blog : click.
thanks for the angpow.
yay! $.$

finally met MUSHROOMMMMMM girl
a.k.a Joosing. (:
her blog : click here.

gorgeous girl Brenda. her blog : click.
CY. ( the word gorgeous don't imply here. LMAO )
his blog : click.
and myself.

i'm definitely cuter
right? right right RIGHT?

Men and women in black. coooooolness. (:

when you see red, don't just think of MU and beckham.
(: think of these people. and cedric's underwear instead. OKAY? lol

angels we have heard on high;
sweetly singing o'er the plains.

GREEEEEN is the new black.

this guy took heaps of photos.
and of everyone.
should start charging him :D

NEXTTTTT was Queensbay with Charmaine and sis.
And Yee En, Yee Chern, & Beh!

watched music and lyrics.
PRETTY good movie you know (:
and im totally into that song "way back into love"
it's a really sweeeet, lovable song.
and LMAO when they danced to that POP song.

had this at Dave's Deli.
it's kinda okay. (:

Beh & Yee Chien's random shot.

If you didn't have enough looking at those pictures from bloggersmeeting,
there're more on other blogger's page!
just click yaaa here are the links :D


5Xmom a.k.a lilian.

that's all for now.
i still have that blogging "mission" Cedric gave me.
ishhh. lazy =.=



ku E said...

hmm... megat's pics were everywhere lol... ;)

- PC - said...

hey... nice meeting tho we din get to chat but glad to see u der. hehe... oh yea din no imin is ur sis til some1 told me.

Minny said...

hahahhaa. :P vain megat! LOL.
anyway, who told u my sister is imin? but yeah she is :D and people are often surprised or shocked when they found out. lol

cHrIstInA_YY said...

Hey, i wanna find da OST of Music & Lyrics too >.<" so nice......luv 'em