Sunday, March 25, 2007

(tagboard replies below)

so it was saturday (:
friends, sister and I went to Queensbay.
didn't take much pics yesterday;
but oh well!

before leaving :D

so Harrison drove.
darn; do u realize that i'm two tones darker now?
look at my face and neck;
then compare it to my body.
"ha.ha." i got sunburn.

went to WONGKOK for lunch.
all 6 of us : Harrison, Fenness, me, Evelyn, I Min and her boy.

guess who i saw in queens?
hahahahaha :D
didn't say Hi because she was busy playing the "levi's game show"
thingy (:

we watched MRBEAN.
totally laughed our butts off.
must watch!! :D

toilet picture;
fitting room picture.

then, off to gurney (:

bought Loreal hairspray,
a pair of shoes. and a top.

that's it.
have u ever loved someone so much;
it hurts?

::tagboard replies::

AL : lol darlinggg i'm in Kedah. sure u wanna travel so far just to meet my puppies? LOL ahaha any suggestion? i dont have names for them yet. ): and oh! i've re-added you on msn today! i hope u get my invite.

JACOB : and i'm proud of you too!! lol did you realize that we're picking the same courses and the same Uni-s too? omg. i dont want to be your coursemate =.= LOL

SYMEON : weiii come on msn! so long didnt kacau u d.

EMILY : hello!!! hehehe im glad u like the song. it's nice huh (:

THUMBELINA : hehe thanks :D i love polkadots. oh-so-retro! lol.

L4WR : hehe thanks. it took me 6 hours to paint two friggin walls!!! LOL how's life for you over there? come back la. cepat. i want my sizzling hot.

JOOSING : thanks girl! :D i cant wait to go redang. are u going anywhere for a short vacation?

CHEE HSIEN : hello! it's been a while yeerrr.. (:

EMOSHERN : yups! blue pink white is THE COLOR. hahaha do u have any dogs at home? i love dogs too! they're proper cute. and they can take your breath away.

CHRISTINA : thank you! i love those puppies. pink is the new black. lalalala xD

KOOLZ : hahaha funny la you. march can become december =.= this 31st? i thought he said he's kidding about coming to penang?! ISH ISHH ISH!!! i'm going to kill him LOL

TRISHEY : yups!!! the shy one! i love him the most hahahaa :D what's your favorite color? my mom didnt let me paint in the first place but i insisted then she said "OH ALRIGHT!!" lol (:

JEN : thanks jen! hehe

DAUGHTER : who are you?!! lol!!! which daughter? since when do i have a daughter? lol. yan y is it?

YING JIE : yay. thank you dear (:

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alicia said...

loreal hairspray?

u be my guinea pigggggggg. :D

guna d tell me nice tak