Friday, March 09, 2007

shopping spree.

shopping again;
this time,
with my family

went to queensbay (:
bumped into Logic and Koolz.
both of you teruk la!!
didn't see me going down the escalator.
ish ish ish*

LAKSA SHACK for lunch (:
had two bowls of i-dont-remember laksa;
and this.
'tis good.


mom joined in!

dad too! hahaha.
my dad's 53 (:
believe it.
and mommy's 51.

i'm 16.

while waiting for mom and sis.

oh rightttt,
i bumped into Symeon too;
right before we left. (:

drove all the way from Queens to Gurney Drive;
forrrrrr TANDOORI!!
totally worth it.
yum yum.
it's right next to subway/starbucks/chillout club.

garlic cheese tandoori.
trust me,
it gives a buzz to your tongue.
gawd, the best food ever!

family portrait.
wish my bro is here.

where'd you go?
i don't know if you get to read this.
but at least,
let me know.

oh yeah (:

SHAZ : hahaha yeah a coach bag! :D i want a chanel though! anyway, hahaha u shopped the other day?! i wanna shop too. i mean, errr, again (: where are u right now?we should go shopping together. lalala xD it would be proper fun! benci, ur blog has ben&jerry's picture.

GWEN : darllll! i'm on myspace again (: but i think you already know because you already replied my comment on myspace. LOL. talk to you more when I see you on msn okay? lots to catch up on!

JOOSING : thank you! i had a hard time choosing which bag i wanted. it was on sale anyway (: yeaaaa i'm still coughing. been two weeks now! geram. how are you feeling?

EDWARD : thank you! your blog is nice too.
rad; i say (:

CEDRIC : of course familiar la! my blog's song is taken from Music&Lyrics the movie. nice song heh? (: hugh grant is amazing! ain't he?

GLACIUS : eh eh eh relax la. dont marah yvonne. kesian her :P lol. i dont really like point blanc. i think your band has better songs than them (: don't be too flattered ya!! lol

SMASHPOP : the real shopaholic? i'm worse than this. this is just the beginning. LOL! I UPDATED!!!

MICH : hey! that bag i bought was on sales. i mean the guess one (: you should go shop at guess. sales until the 25th of march i think. i got it for er.. about rm250. by the way, do you blog? by any chance?

YVONNE : don't gaduh with glacius la. LOL. well, if he kacau u somemore, threaten him. kill his a&w bear or something. since you're going to gurney tomorrow right? LOL.

CHRISTINAYY : yeah!! i love this song too. hooked to it. heehee

ERLYNDA : hehe thanks erlynda :D
let's go shopping someday!
yayaya? we should! lol

LOGIC : lmao! i'm not high maintenance. haha you didn't notice me ei the other day? i saw you and i was like "gawddd i forgot his real name" then i started calling you "LOGIC" for a couple of times but u ignored LOL. my mom thought i lost my mind for saying LOGIC when nobody was talking. ahhahaha

YAN : yeah!! i totally bought a guess bag :D i'm satisfied now. well, kinda!!! ahaahhahaa.

TRISHEY : you hungry?
let's go TGIF!!! yay.

AARON : no problemo. you're always visiting my blog ma. so i'm doing the same!

VIVIAN : yeah!!! we should take more pics! i mean, i miss you penang peeps! (: u should update about your turkey trip soon k!? i wanna see pictures!!!

VAN : hahaha jom go guess shopping :D i wanna grab more stuffs anyway. and i wanna go back to lasenza as well! anyway, HOW ARE YOU?! it's been ages!

HOPELESS ROMANTIC : hehee thanks. u havent seen the rest of my bags yet. LOL!! i think i have a shopping disorder ): teruk. hahaha.

YINGJIE : hehehe thanks girl :D what to do. shopaholic. cameraholic. teruk la me. LOL

JACOB : u're underpaid? but i thought you're in singapore or something? i thought u have better pay than me? LOL. no jobs ler encik. i'm working for my dad now, so i don't really know. anyway! what kinda job are u looking for? i can help you find.

EMOSHERN : yay! good :D visiting your blog soon. linking your new page soon! why did you close your old blog ler?


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