Wednesday, March 28, 2007

new hair.

fate just can't stop meddling.

me old hair.
couldn't stand the faded colors and the long layers.
so i went to get myself a hair-do!

me new hair (:
still looks the same, just more shorter on the top.
and it's now purple+red and a little ORANGE.
hahaha :D
i love love love love love it.

as you all know i've just completed my Form6.
and today's the last day for us to apply for Universities.
I made a last minute change on the courses/Universities that I want.

1. Hospitality : UUM
2. Interpretation : USM
3. TESL (Teaching English As A Second Language) : USM
4 : Tourism : UUM
5 : Nature Management :UPM
6 : Human Resource : UKM
7 : Logistics : UUM
8 : Hotel Management : UMS

Yups, I'm very much into social stuff lol, whatever you call it (:

AND yayyy.
Adam is in KL with his friend whatishisname.
Too bad they're not stopping by in Penang; on a business trip kinda thing ):
oh well.

i hope the court session went well for him.
i hope he wins the case.
i miss him.
with every single beat of my heart; i do (:


YAN : I prefer your room! seriously (: i love your huge mirror. LOL!!!

PIAU : eh!! you're in the same class as my friend, Jasmine! When you coming online? I miss ya! it's been a while since we talked! maybe i can help you with your blog a little bit (:

EN : hhaha i didn't know you actually VISIT my blog.

MISCHIQUE : hahaha thanks but i hated that hair. the color went off ):

JISHYANG : er.. woof? hahaa meow meow!!

RIIZIE : lol i didnt wanna disturb you guys. so busy doing the one elbow, two butts thing hahaha (: looked pretty fun though! did you win anything?

ERLYNDA : hahaha yeahhh queensbay is cool but some of the shops are taking forever to open. don't u think so? ):

DARREN : i know! MSN is messing up so badly i can't even add you up or see you online. it's just weird. I'm doing well~ how's life over there in Aussieland?

SMASHPOP : yupsss. it'll be funnn. lots of pictures LOL. and oh, i've replied your mail on friendster. contact me okay!?

DEBRA : hahahaha. some of it looks nice but tasted like ---- where is yvonne btw? that perempuan hilangkan diri lol

HOPELESS ROMANTIC : yup! I replied you on friendster (: hope you've approved my invite. and oh, i'm linking you! where are u from by the way? queensbay is in penang la :D

JACOB : hahaha i hope we get into the same course, same Uni. It'll be crazy!! there, I just listed out my choices. I made several changes to it last night. not taking up music anymore. but i might change back to music again later tonight; who knows! ahhaha. they want at least a grade 5 cert for practical and theory PLUS u have to go through an interview and u have to write a song!! how crazy is that @.@

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