Friday, March 16, 2007

the day after.

first off,
i'm all good now.
no longer sad or anything.
and i really wanna thank some people.

MARX : for being ever so understanding and supportive. you were the one who listened to my rants THE MOST.

SYMEON : for your encouraging words (: to which reminded me of so many things.

JULIAN : i don't know how to thank you enough! thanks for being there for me and letting me be EMO for a moment. lol

JASMINE : for being there for me.

TOMIE the baboon, DAVID, JOOSING, JISHYANG, LOGICYUAN, GLACIUS, GWEN and many others. (you know who you are) your words are words of comfort and encouragement. thanks so much (:


as u all know (if u've been reading my bulletins on friendster),
i have horrible looking hair now.
the color's totally faded
the layers has lost its bounciness.
the style has lost its shape and cut.

i was just looking through my myspace friend list;
at my friend's friend's friends.. blablabla
and i stumbled upon a few chics who have amazing hair!

i've been thinking of going black and red (:
or perhaps brown?
i dont know;
lol but i seriously should pay my hairdressers a visit.

ANYWAY! last night was proper fun.
went out with my friends for seafood at TAMBUN,
then off to Autocity for Swensens.
I look tired, weird, fugly and most of all my hair is a disaster.
well, don't blame me;
i mean, i was literally crying the whole day.

something random (:
ate so much at tambun.
crabs, fish, noodles, mussels,
octopus, cuttlefish, prawns.
oh boy;

left for Autocity at 10pm.

the whitesssss,

the redsssss.

BOO! hahahahaa



i hate me hair.

we had yummylicious ice cream!
oh yeah, and i bumped into Jonathan (:
as in, Charis' brother @ Swensens.

i've finished ranting.
you can go now (:

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