Thursday, March 01, 2007

msn keh-rae-zeeeee.

(u still have to scroll down for tag replies, ya know?)

yah. i know. 47.
that's why i'm rarely online on msn now.
or most of the time set to "busy" / "away".
but hey, sometimes I really am!

still coughing a lot like nobody's business.
feels like;
I'm gonna cough out my lungs any moment now.

i'm gonna start editing my friendster profile.
can't stand the old and done-with-it "about me" section.

fairy tales are told;
to keep us warm from this cold, cold world.

and for me?
i've found my very own
fairy tale;
for real - him.

JOOSING : oh watsons?!! really? i've never seen such cute stuffs in watsons (: and btw, i've added you on friendster. make sure u approve me OR ELSE, i will have mushroom soup for dinner. MUAHAHAHA :D

TRISHEY : trishey baby rhymes too! lol. your blog is cooler :D i love those photos and hey the other day, a dude from celebrity fitness called and offered a rm99 per month package! but i'm lazy la. and yay~ you rock too!

JACOB : no need to say sorry to glacius one la. hahahaha. just hentam him can d :P I hope he doesn't read this. LMAO! it's sweetly singing!!!!

SMASHPOP : ya! twins mission is a little fake but i think i have a crush on the guy who has a brother that died of cancer. wah PANAS. lol and he's so cool when he fights! (: owhhh you're in KL? that's sad ): you cant bring me out for food then. yahla! ur blog is too tempting. it's a sin you know; to tempt an innocent girl *wink wink* like me. lol.

L4WR : hahahah sure ha?!! he must be ah mo. no ah mo, dun wan! LOL!!! when are you coming back anyway? :D this time, no hidden agendas, i'm just curious. (:

GLACIUS : nice leh the song!! it's taken from music&lyrics. i'm so into that song right now. love the piano. and btw, send my regards to your A&W bear okay? hahaha

ROBIN : things are okay! i'm sicky though :( which sucks! where are you from btw, robin? where's batman? omg, i'm lame.

ERLYNDA : hahaha i'm casual too. well sort of :P i'm more to shirts. AND pants! when are you free? JOM pi autocity's swensens! heehee. and VAIN the heck out of ourselves. lmao.

BOSS STEWIE : yes boss! hahaha. :D

ZS : lmao. are u always a victim? i mean to be scratched by girls? or do you actually like the idea of girls scratching you all over? omg. LOL

JISHYANG : hah! you're from KL? i didnt know that!!! and oh how old are you?? you look young btw!

AARON : hehe thanks aaron :) dont be too emo alrights? i've been through that emo-state-of-mind. it's horrible in a way. anyway, u owe me rm50 for that martini :D lmao!

CEDRIC : i thought you're 16!!! hahahahhaa. take that as a compliment k? and buy me coffee. lalalala!!! :D

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