Thursday, March 15, 2007

got my results.

yeah. results were out at 11am.
dragged my feet to school to get it.
results were, horrible - it wasn't what i expected.
i mean, i expected more.

one of my friends got a 4 GPA.
a few, obtained a 3 ++.
for most people, not more than 3, not lesser than 2.75 (i'm among these peeps)
some, not even reaching a 2.
some, failed a few subjects.

my teachers said my GPA is good enough.
FYI, I obtained
only 1A,
I expected 2, at least.
i did not fail any subjects.
i got 2Bs.
And a C.
what the hell went wrong?
how am i supposed to get a place in the University with such results?
why can't i be smarter?

so, why am i complaining?
why do i feel like the world has stopped turning?
i feel so; depressed.
like, totally useless.

i felt like i let myself down.
i let my parents down

don't know how to face them.
couldn't even talk to them.
i did my very best,
i hope they know.

i should be thankful for my results i know,
but i couldn't stop blaming myself.

i'm never good enough.
i always come in second.
nobody is ever proud of me.
always compared.

screw it.
i'm out.

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soon said...

ai say......its not bad lah.Still there r many things that can do mah. u have tried ur what is that to grumble about....God knowns n believed me.HE got HIS ways....AMen to that right.MINNY god bless.......