Monday, February 12, 2007

So I just TOTALLY camwhored. [:


Anyway, yesterday Charmaine called up at 930am and asked me if I wanted to tag along with her to The Star's Education Fair. I said alright, got ready and went [: Found out a lot about hotel management/music/tourism courses.

And currently, I have 2 places/uni-s in mind.

BlueMountain Hotels School in Sydney, Australia or ChristChurch University in New Zealand. Dad actually gave me a thumbs-up and said the BMHotels School is a good choice; but at the same time I'm thinking of studying somewhere else. so I'm praying about it and see where the Lord wants to lead me.

Education Fair was fun because I was there with Charmaine and Carl. hahahaa I got tongue tied at the Monash booth and asked the guy ..

"hey, do u have a tuning problem" instead of twining program. LMAO!!
everyone laughed so much including the counsellor. and OMG he's soooo tall. I think he's around 190++cms.

Then we went to Queensbay mall. KennyRogers for food. Swensens for desert.

And Paddington house of pancakes for drinks. 20% off because my bestfriend from high school, Patricia works there. Got a chance to talk and catch up with her [:

This is myyyy ultimate favorite. [:
And ohhh we went to Borders bookstore too.
Charmaine and me didn't want to leave;
we wanted to buy almost every single book there is there.


on the way there. **ladeeedahhh.**

Met up with friends from friendster.
But too bad Yvonne can only come after 6.
So we didn't get to meet up. ]]:

FINALLY, we met.
Alicia and I.
For once, I feel short.
lalala. :D

Finally, Alicia and I met MR-I-FARTED-ALL-THE-WAY aka JEAN [:

AND OH!! this A&W bear was hitting on Jean.

Meet Lisa, Alicia's friend.

Weeeheee. US.
see I told you;
for once,
I feel short.

Aww. Lovelies.

GUTTED. i have no idea what he's doing.

Officially BULLIED by
MPK bunny and me. [:

So, right after Alicia, Lisa, and Jean left, my sister and me met up with EuSern.
Went to GHotel with LeeYip to get some stuff from her friend.

my tummy is fairer than my face.
wth =.=

The guy who calls me "Kakak" and my sister.

Guess who drove us to Queensbay?
Eusern. [:

So we reached Queensbay.
safe and sound;
without any broken bones and missing limbs.

anyway, the scenery on Queensbay's top floor was amazing.
totally breathtaking. [:

I'm sorry I didn't see you guys! LOL.
No wonder I heard people calling out my name!!

Eusern and me.


Deciding what to have for dinner at OldTown cafe.
Thanks, Eusern. For the treat [:

Promoting icetea and nokia. :D


meet Imin-Scissorshand and Eve-Scissorshand.



Weekend was totally awesome and crazyyyy.
Met 3 new great people for the very first time. [:
Had sooo much fun.

we should do this more often.

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