Thursday, February 22, 2007

chinese new year DAY 1.

1st day.

all ready for cny. RED.
he called in the morning. (:

relatives and cousins came in the morning.

My cousins and me at my aunt's place.
there're more cousins but didn't take pics with them.
My younger cousins are cuteee but they can KILL.
oh yeah, trust me when I say that.

my beautiiiiful aunt, sis and cousin.
ohhh i love her dress!

relatives kept asking if i'm attached or not.
NEH i said.

went to church at night.
which means - MORE ang pows :D

and the Siam Garden for supper.

sis and me.

didn't take much pictures.
busy collecting ang pows you see. LOL (:
this year's collection is kinda depressing.
didn't get much but, i had funnnn.
that's all that matter, right?

moreee updates to come.
i'm just lazy.

minny signing out...

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