Monday, February 19, 2007

the eve of CNY.

a BRIEF update.
chinese new year eve.

minny wishes all of you a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!
may the year of the pig bring everyone good health,
amazing wealth and overpouring joy ((:
it's "ang pow" time!!
$$$$$ ka---ching!

and oh, my doggie wishes you the same too.

mom preparing for steamboat.

just a random picture of me at work.

went for chinese new year shopping at makro on the 15th (:

packet drinks. weee. i didn't want to leave :D

then we went to penang airport to pick up my brother. (:
yups, he's home for chinese new year.

next day, bro, sis and me went to queensbay.
bumped into sooo many people;
sarah khor, euodia, eunice, erlynda, uncle james & his wife.

bought a redddd top.

and a skirt from topshop.

and oh, two nail polishes from thefaceshop.
and two bracelets from diva.
my chinese new year shopping never ends.

updates about chinese new year coming reallllll soon!

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