Thursday, February 01, 2007

My "alarm clock" woke me up at 8 something today. (:
and oh hey peopleeee, scroll down for tagboard replies.

This week has been good so far. [: I spent some time to actually sit in my garden and pondered upon what God has blessed me with.

It's already February - the month of LOVE.
Nothing else beats love;
It is by far the greatest feeling and experience one could have. (:

Family and I went to watch theHoliday. A movie that talks about falling in love, being in love, falling out of love and falling in love again. Absolutely beautiful. Makes you realize that love happens when you least expect it to and when you're not looking for it. which is completely and blatantly true!

weeehe. i bought a new pair of heels from Balenciaga. well actually, mom bought it for me lol. I know it's kinda "ah ma and ah ee" but me likey (: and it's leather anddddd it's in gold-bronze color!

I have a thing for daisies now. I don't know why. They're just soooo pretty.

Jasonlicious = whoa! i didnt even leave my url and u managed to find my blog. YAY! (: are u going for the bloggersmeet at e-gate?

Yvonne = whoa! what performance? yayyy. i'm glad u have a blog now! i've linked you. we're bloggers in crime now hehehehe. i'm still thinkin if i wanna link glacius or not. lmao. soooo the valentines day thing is on ya ya ya?

Glacius = OIK! u making fun of me is it? I can't read chinese ): hahahahaha. switch to blogspot or xanga la. multiply is crap. i can't even tag or leave u comments!!! I miss Jasmine's Koi-s and my godson!!!

Jasmine = of course u're in my "specials". i miss you!! how have u been? tell me u're so much better now, so that we can go rock queensbay together!

Rae = rae rae [: it's been so long! how have u been? how's jon? wink wink. lol

Symeon = hahahaha! oh come on! u shouldnt feel lousy u know, cuz all u need is a doctor's suit; which u already have. and that's enough to scoop some chics! :D I hate your blog. it's full of food, making me hungry everytime i visit ):

LogicYuan = good evening!!!! hope to see u at the bloggersmeet!

Imin = i thought u're talking to jingjiet. LOL.

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