Saturday, February 03, 2007

tagboard replies.

make sure u guys scroll down k! because I just updated my blog :D

GLACIUS: uh oh!! MY BAD!!! i will relink u hahahaha type wrong ma.. jangan marah. wei faster come back. i'll watch u on tv tmr yay! then i'll be drooling all over and do stuffs like what i told u in my testimonial. hahahahhaa :D COME BACK quick. this place feels soooo quiet without you. hahaha. I heard that u went to TAMBUN but did not eat? BODOH MIA!!!! aduh. but nevermind i understand. all u want is KOI.

YVONNE : ahhahaha our blog so quiet without glacius. sobs sobs. ahhaha wei this world is so small. I know deb too. I know Kuria. I know her brother. jeez. hahahaha hey u're just 15 is it?? oh my. I feel old.

PIAU : hey girl!!! I don't care! I wanna go to ROX soon. claiming my paycheque hahahaha. I wonder how much they owe me :D OH! i'm gonna link you soon!! you must link me too okay? [: i miss you!

DEB : LMAO! why does my blog song reminds you of shanghai?? [:

JOOSING : aww thank u [: i need some mushrooms for my garden though LOL!!! I'm gonna link u too! yay. hey r u going for bloggersmeet? u seem nice! and OHHH U KNOW GLACIUS too?!!! wow.

YINGJIE : what's your blog's URL? i wanna link you, if you have one. which i think you do. lol [: aaa thank you i'm glad you like my garden, my shoes and those daisies!!

JJ : bleks. hahahahahaa.

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