Thursday, February 08, 2007

4 days update.

(tagboard replies below.)
yesterday, my friends and I went back to school to get our "Bank Simpanan" pin number. We need it to apply for which Uni we wanna go to and what courses we wanna take up [: Met up with some teachers.

I miss school
and those crazy times my friends and i had,

Took this while waitin for our students counsellor. Arthur's shade.

And today, I did some gardening. ME! GARDENING! awesome [:
Someone called in the morning when I was still asleep and it made my day.
It did.
I wish know it will happen everyday, soon.

Daisies. I adore.

GUTTED! darn, look closely. THIS made me scream. Mom laughed at me. lol. [:

Meet one of my doggies - Harry.

Have you ever wondered where I live
how it looks like?
scroll down. [[:
Garden. Sunset. lovely ain't it?
The road from my frontgate leading to my home.

One part of my house.

Mom's. Mine. Dad's.

Another part of me home.
Another view of it from a different angle.
It's nothing near to being lush or luxurious.
But I lived here for
20 years.

There's only one thing that I'm looking forward to.
And that's,
meeting you...


JOOSING : so u confirm edi or not? are u going for the meet? i wanna go. i'm so bored, rotting at home literally!!! U BETTER BRING SOME MUSHROOMS! lol.

GLACIUS : I can't believe u actually brought ur laptop with u into the ******. LMAO! geli la u!!! hahahaha. and stop farting in my blog. STINK bomb. and ahem* u should give me one album from your band. u know lah. since i'm your pokemon master and i'm your koi-hunter-accomplice. AND HUH!! my GODSON is sick?!!!! T.T i thought he went for potty training or something? ]:

JACOB : jacob! I er.. lost your blog's url. can u give it to me again? i promise i'm gonna link you after this. heehee.. and wow!! u got a job?! which? :D congrats!!! SING dollar somemore. rich la u.

ERYNDA : hehehe thank you [: i like your photos.

YVONNE : so how? ! 25TH? eh when la!!! I wanna hang out! NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to shop :D FOS FOS FOS. i miss youuuuu!!! xxx (i sound like a lesbo?) hahaha

JASMINE : eeeee. dun always play with your NEW N73 la.. jaga JJ also k! hehe

ALICIA : don't be angry k! if not u'll look older than me :P lalalala. and you DON'T want that, don't u? [[: and HA! u better save my num this time. if not, i'll kick ur bruised butt.

AARON, JAMES : hello u the two of u!! :D everything is okay with me James. How about u? Haven't seen u since the beach thingy.

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