Saturday, February 03, 2007

T.G.I.F (:

sometimes, people tend to take French Connection UK wrongly. several people actually came up to me and asked "why on earth would u wear a shirt that curses and it's spelt wrongly!?" "ha.ha.ha." i replied [[:

don't you just hate it when people come up to you and ask "heyyy did u buy this from the morning market?" or "hey!! replica?".
**faints** it's real stuff.

I know Eu Sern understands how I feel.

i miss shopping at FCUK. like, seriously.

Anyway. Went for Youth Fellowship today. Aviel is cute huh? :D He's only 1 year plus. His favourite word "BANANA"! lol [:

HAHAHA. sorry gerald. just had to post this up :D
Gerald and me both learnt how to play the drums. so coooool.
After that, we joined the adults' cellgroup meeting at Uncle Bani/Gary/Gerald's crib. YO :D

Future guitarist. not me ya, my sis [: she's a Glacius-in-the-making. LOL

*dum dum dum* PS II session begins!!! hey, Minny plays psII too alright, although she sucks BIG TIME. hahahaa.

I look so excited! (: hehehe. That was because I was confused with the controller. And start pressing ALL the buttons. LOL.


Here's what we played! I took Arsenal. [: But Gerald won 2-1, he was literally laughing all the way AT ME.

Then a *PROFESSIONAL self-claimed PSII FOOTBALLER* joined in the fun. My sis : AHA! come let me play! I'm real good at it.

LOL. haha not even the first minute, Gerald scored. and then the next minute, AGAIN. and then AGAIN!!! boy. she kicked the football EVERYWHERE. we were laughing sooo much!

Guess who joined in the fun after that? LOL!!! DADDY!!!
told u my dad is cool :D
dad was even funnier. Everyone laughed so much. The dude that dad was controlling went around in circles, and squares and even off the football field. hahahahaa.

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