Sunday, February 04, 2007

The WHITE parade.

Today was rather interesting. [: My sister and I get to watch Le Tour De Langkawi live! There were I think 21 cycling teams from all over the world cycling around Malaysia. And today, they cycled from Kangar - Kulim [166kms - 2nd stage]. I can't imagine how they can survive cycling for so long. anyway, for more info if u're into all these.

Sis and me noticed there were quite a lot of people standing infront of our home with umbrellas. so we decided to go and have a look too!

TAAAA-DAAA. they kay-pos [:

We must be like Lawrence and that dude in red *patriotic* lol

I don't call this Le Tour De Langkawi or Cycling Event. I call this The WHITE[Caucasian] Parade; and it happened right infront of my home. lmao [:

1, 2, 3. take my hand & come with me.
because u look so fine
and i really wanna make you mine.

i say u look so fine,
that i really wanna make you mine.
4, 5, 6. come on & get your kicks.
now u don't need that money
when u look like that
do u, honey?

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