Saturday, May 31, 2008

all the way from BKK

FINALLY. I'm here! in bangkok.
such an adventure to get here;
my sister and i was ridiculously paranoid when we were on our "adventure" getting to where we are at the moment. It was fun, nonetheless :)

I can't update my blog for the next couple of days;
so do check back around the weekend - I think I'll be back in Penang by then.
I didn't bring my laptop here and
I don't think I want to spend my vacation infront of the screen either.

Scrap out the part when I said something like I wanna indulge in their local food?
MAN, I DO NOT WANT TO TRY THE ROACHES AND SCORPIONS AND MOTHS AND .. and .. and godknowswhat! Saw some lady selling it on the streets today and being a blogger that I am, I took pics of it lah - but I was grossed out. cannot tahan :(

I miss home already! I miss you guys!
I totally missed out on partying last night and tonight;
I know a lot of people were there - I received phone calls and such but;
too bad..

Well, it's getting quite late and I have a long day tomorrow,
take care loves!

"Each moment when it pops into my mind;
it's also the moment when I realize that it's probably just not worth it.
Why bother when you're the only one bothering?"

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