Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Monday Blues

It was early on Monday morning when I eventually appeared in the kitchen;
I know that I looked just as shell-shocked as when my mom had last seen me waking up so early in the morning venturing out from the clouds - my bedroom.
I would rather roll myself around with my comforter accompanied by silence, which was merely interrupted by the sounds of birds chirping outside my window.

Monday blues.
My forehead throbbed. My back was aching; my legs were weak.
I felt a certain discomfort gushing through the veins and muscles of my body.
It hasn't gone away just yet ]:
Certainly, one would prefer to stay in bed and sleep all the stress away but who can resist the temptations that hunger may bring?

I've never felt so sentimental and so random at the same time.
My life at this point became unison with jazz/blues music, pizza & 100plus at 2.30 in the morning, blinking msn chat windows, and what more, my bloated tummy. LOL.
Eventually, there's nothing that my heart longs to do;
more or less my body.
Nevertheless, the mind is always occupied. funny how the brain works in such a way just like a heart does. It thinks without you noticing it just like a how a heart beats.
Is it even worth it?; I thought to myself as I slammed my door shut and dived into my bed.

Enough of me blabbing.
Im starting a personal blog soon; only for my eyes and a handful of people to know.
this one's too commercialized for my VERY personal updates!

Here are some pictures courtesy of Willazz :)

@ Baby's, Pulau Tikus, Penang.

i dont think they need any introductions anymore :)
& i just realized, that i have a thing for yellow tops now.

we dont look ready for a proper photo lol

emily was still not ready!

emily, me and the photographer a.k.a KL people a..ka william.
& ooh lookatdat, that's my beer!

puffer fish wannabe!

some people had just way too much fun LOL.
and ralph, wth are u doing back there?

this shows that william is VAIN because he's the only one lookin at the camera
hahahaha :D

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