Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Spice Garden outing Pt 1

massive photo entry ahead! (keep in mind this is only the 1st set)
let it load for a bit, then scroll down :)
it was somewhere towards the end of last month,
was also Saewei's and Benji's birthday;
a few of us had an outing to Spice Garden - Beach - Sunset Bar & Bistro - Northam Beach

too bad Saewei had to leave early for home :(
but oh well!

before I start, credits to William for the photos;
[click here for his website]
u have to visit, he takes amazing photos :)

they waited for the rest of us to arrive;
yeah i admit i was like 5-10minutes late
what to do, we're malaysian-lah~
hehe :P

macam celebrities getting stalked lol.

was told that the restaurant is called Yataimura
i was busy eating!

what's with people and aviators nowadays huh?

your very own

aiseh, william wants one too!

Spice Garden right after!
Pippo and aL went off to get a cake and present for the birthday people.
and ehhh nooo, i wasn't showing off my middle finger
i was trying to show a peace sign lol
talk about dressing for the right occasions!!!

charleskey and ralph

look at how uneven my skin tone is

charleskey, ralph, me, lasker, elise, emily, saewei, jj, firewire
and the one squatting - william

such a poser, am i? :D

fish spa

i was trying to be a ballerina. hahahaha

photographed by
i likey!

check back soon for more!

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