Tuesday, May 20, 2008

have you ever?

i know i've been slacking with this whole blogging thing;
been a pretty hectic week for me - emotionally and mental-wise.

have you ever stared up into the skies,
with never ending thoughts messing up your mind?

have you ever tried to please the people around you so much, that you start to neglect yourself and end up losing grip with the real you?
have you ever thought to yourself; what's the point of even trying?
have you ever thought to yourself; why should i care?
have you ever thought to yourself; am i another burden to this world?

people keep saying that it's a cold cold world out there, and i'm starting to see it. things used to be so simple back then. as we grow older, things tend to turn out the other way we thought it would. people don't appear to be who we thought they would be.
so deceiving yet so luring.
things you ought and thought would be true, is just an illusion after all.
sometimes, you can't trust anybody but yourself..
but have you ever thought to yourself that you yourself can let you down as well?

i can't stand the fact that people will only realize and cherish what they have until it's actually too late. i can't stand the fact when you FINALLY thought to yourself "have you ever had this same exact feeling?" when I don't anymore.

i had enough.
life is not another cinderella-snowwhite tale.
it's more than just being able to achieve your dreams.
it's more than just living everyday of it to the fullest.

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