Friday, June 06, 2008

back from the land of sawadeeka!

yes. let me hear you say it!!!
i'm finally home from my 1 week vacation in Bangkok
it was fun, experienced their culture and totally missing the food there at the moment.

landed at 1030 in the morning today
i swear i could kiss penang's soil!!!!
i seriously miss everything here - especially you people :)
updates about my bangkok trip soon; heaps of photos - dont worry
im just too tired to update about it at the moment

took this in some train station back in Bangkok.

facebook.. aiyo.
im so lazy and reluctant at the mo!!

click for larger and clearer view.
got this from al's blog..
HILARIOUS. happened to me when i was in bangkok!
LOL. and she print screened it to show the world!

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