Friday, May 16, 2008

it was a MOISy night

i'll be leaving my "home sweet home" for penang tomorrow
will be staying for a week, i think :)
so Penang people, you may BEEP me anytime of the day - let's hang out!

this post is like.., WAY behind time!
anyway, i had plans to stay home the other night just to chill and watch some shows on TV
but it hit me - temptation.
i mean, can you even resist temptation?
oh yeah, it's hard but i sway easily; what more to the temptations of being able to have fun and let yourself out from the four pathetic walls of home that surrounds you almost everyday of your friggin life!!

photos courtesy of Ralph from his N82 with

and then, here comes
who looks undeniably fair and as if she's sun + UV resistant.

two things to spot from this photograph!
1 - MY TUMMY!!
2 - HANDS on my butt! (it wasn't actually, but it looks like it huh?)

me, Rock, and Ralph

get the party started~

some random chic
she totally did have fun; who ever she is.
this lady was all over the place; dancing

there're a few more photos but too bad they're overexposed/too bright :(
like this one...


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