Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

If you leave me tonight,
I'll wake up alone,
Don't tell me I will make it on my own.
Don't leave me tonight,
This heart of stone will sink 'til it dies,
If you leave me tonight.
Don't you see?

[stay close, don't go : secondhand serenade]

It was a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and a Sunday..
It's been so long since I last hung out with them;
more to like - I don't even remember when was our last sleep over!
I'm missing you girls already!

photos here are taken by I Min's w810i on Friday.
thank god for cellphones because my camera died..

no more Miss red hair or Miss ang moh.
i feel kinda sad though, i look like a chinese school girl now
but i've never attended one lol.

i know you can't deny it, she's gorgeous :)

bumped into yee ming!
i guess i need more tanning sessions. LOLOL.
and notice the colors that we're wearing!

with Venice


such a blurry picture :( oh well.

then we went to Penang Swimming Club
for a chitchat and just to chill for a bit with Jason and Justin.
Two silly twin half ah mo, half chinese brothers they are.
Always fighting LOL.

then we headed off to party!
oh yeah, meet Botak. Super nice guy :)
there're more pictures in Jason's iPhone though - camera quality
shucks. I want one of those phones!

the morning after.
no make up; just plain us! eh, can you even recognize who's who or not?
it was so much fun; all the late night chats and FOOD we had,
regardless of the mindset that we all wanna fit in that size 2 dress.

i will be away for a good 7-9 days on Thursday/Friday/Saturday
*pffft* my parents cant make up their minds.

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