Monday, May 12, 2008

Spice Garden outing Pt II

have u ever feel like you just cant be bothered by anything or anyone at all?
i AM trying to let it go bit by bit; all those unnecessary thoughts are a nuisance.

so here comes part 2, nothing much left to share with you guys lol
photos are raw; all of them by
cant be bothered to edit, it looks good already anyway!

the two lovely couples!

the highlight of our trip was the SWING! (probably just for me, anyway)
as random as I might be, it's funny that the older we get, the more childish we are!

somehow reminds me of final destination except emily looks darn happy lah.

oh god. i looked like a zombie.

this is random :)

i love this one.
i love the beach seriously; more than anywhere that i could think of.

three posers

picture reminds me of when i was in redang.
i miss that island, big time!

L-R : fenness, patricia and me!

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