Monday, May 26, 2008

the sun, the sand and the sea!

it's a bliss to be able to live in penang!
you want to shop; you got it
you want good food; you got it
you want the beach; you got it too!

the photos in this post are 2-3 weeks old
taken by and [bjp online]

tanning @ bt.ferringhi

of course, i'm doing it with no other but emily :)

Mae testing the waters?

i look so chubby!
gemuk! omg.

a few of us chilled under the shades

an unknown couple chillin by the beach as well

it's time to splat on a little bit of sunblock!

i love this one!

some girl talk on the beach :D

with william the KL boy

with Ralph, the ketiak boy.


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