Thursday, June 21, 2007

Reasons to smile (:

being ecstatic.
feeling joyful.
a smile.

all of us have reasons to be happy.
whether it is; buying that rm49.90 Sally Hansen's nail polish for only RM29.90.
seeing people happy.
people doing things that makes you realize that you're very much appreciated

well i changed my header!
so i'm happy! haha
nice or not? nice or not?
say it's nice, and i have 1 more reason to be happy!

and yellowbanana made a dedication to me :D
(ahem. hold down the shift key while u click the links k!)
i love pizza, with lots n lots of cheese!

and frankie.
for writing a review about me and making me this sweet lookin *ahem*
emoticon on msn hahaha.



besides, days ago I was feeling really upset,
and I realize I have friends who care so much about me (:
Those phone calls, text messages,
picture messages to cheer me up, a day out.. etc etc.

You know who you are.
I cherish all of ya!


bubbly soda said...


Yeah.. there are reasons to smile no matter what... But the best reason to smile and be happy is to know that there are so many of them out there in this wide world loves and care about us. ;)

Frankie said...

cool new header...

wah y u chose tat pic of mine.
i look stupid k..... haha.

god loves u. cheers =)

absolutabby said...

hey doll!

well said... smile & the world smile's back at you =]

Aaron Chua said...

Fulamak! You were awarded?