Thursday, June 21, 2007

LOK visits Penang Part I

It was uhmmmm June the 13th I think
Lok came down all the way from Kuching for a short trip in Peninsular.

so yeahhh as a half penangnite half kedahan,
i went to see him (:
together with his two friends; JJ and Wen. (don't know how to spell lol)

Wen lives in a fishing village kinda environment.
but look around, there're buildings everywhere.

next stop, we visited Penang's famous temple :P

feels like 1000 years ago (:

climb here climb there.
so tiring okay!!!

then we went up to the huge buddha statue.
didn't take a shot of it though
but it's super huge, and it's on the hill!
and this is penang (:

a question we could never answer to.

1987 baby!!

we made a few wishes at the pond

Lok's friend; a.k.a my new friend!
who talks about DOTA.
all the time.

purple flowers...
so prettyyyyyyy

we even climb the stairs to the very top of this tower!
more pictures in the next update,
don't wanna bore ya'll with too many pics.
heehee (:


sc_Bone said...

few wishes???
alright, alright , it's so a few

Lok said...

Hey handsome. I have some pictures too...wana use it for ur post?

pancakes said...

guess whose hereeeee LOL

Aaron Chua said...

lok? This name is kinda familiar~ Haha... Think I've seen it in my blog.

jimmychin said...

minnyyyyyyy... next time i go penang...
find u go here go there climb here climb there can or not? :P

CRIZ LAI said...

got rabbit there meh? y i never see b4 wor