Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Hairy Tale

hair hair hair and hair.
girls and their hair.
cannot be separated; totally!

see, got difference right?
LOL. it's now 2 inches shorter.
and thinner ]:
and straighter. :D
and punkier.
and darker.

but my sister calls me the statue of liberty.


no, it's not that i'm happy.
i just don't really like durian.
correction; I CANT STAND DURIAN :(
how pathetic right?
i'm a malaysian and i don't eat our very own king of fruits.

my whole house smells like durian at the moment.
i'm gonna puke ]:

do ya'll like durian?
my parents bought like 8.

13 days left.
i miss him (:


Little Ray said...

I LOVE durians. =P Don't really have the ones in Malaysia here =( If can't finish, courier to me okay? DHL is faster. Heh.

papajoneh said...

WaaaaHHHhhhhh.. New hair some more! Coolll Punk Rock!!! Yepp... definitely not as mini as I think one ;)

Jasonmumbles said...

Your new hairstyle reminds me of lion's mane. :P

And how can you not like durians?!?!?!

Da Devil said...

wah....Punk rock!!!hehe....durian...hmm..dun quite like it...din even eat it for the last 3 years...wakaka

Rabbit said...

I lafu durians!

Woah, your hair o.O If i were to follow your style, my mom's gonna nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag... me.

Ckyeo said...

i hate durians....

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. all the ladies in this blog look quite pretty and energetic! but boobs a bit small. overall are ok.

lollipop said...

nice color choice...

i love durian, but if my mood is not good i wont eat durian lol!!!

ian said...

your hairstyle is really cool! I wish i could do those myself as well haha

k0k s3n w4i said...

nvr eaten durians before. it's not the smell though, just when I see it in people's hands, it looks like lausai.

jimmychin said...

minny eat durian.. wakkakaaa...
ur mouth smelly later :P

Minny said...

LITTLERAY : omgosh u love durians? *pening* okay i'll DHL every single durian there is in my home for you. specially for you! haha

PAPAJONEH: lol of course i'm not as mini as you think! i'm MINNYLICIOUS! haha

JASONMUMBLES: a lion's mane?! omg. is this a compliment or what huh? neh, i hate durians. :( cant stand the smell. don't know why :P

DADEVIL: YAY give me 5! same gang. anti-durians! hahaha

RABBIT : u like durians? :( diff gang then. LOL! haha. anyway your hair suits you! don't have to change and get nags from your momma.

CKYEO: woohoo another durian hater! give me 5!

ANONYMOUS: hey! look at all the supermodels, they have small boobs too (: but they're whoa!

LOLLIPOP: thanks babe [: sometimes i feel like eatin durian too, but i can't stand the smell.

IAN: aww thanks! such a compliment haha. i use gatsby products lol!!! want me to help? :D

KOK SEN WEI: ew. now u remind me.

JIMMYCHIN: I DONT EAT DURIAN! yuck yuck yuckkkk!

jimmychin said...

minny, durian sedap leh... :P i chia u makan durian lo...