Saturday, June 09, 2007

Minny and the FOUR LETTER WORD

Minny and the FOUR letter word?
NO! not THAT word okay!

shop shop shop!!

minny's face.
on paris hilton's body!

anyway, i started working again;
like 4 days ago.

went for grocery shoppin with my parents at
Giant, Prai [:

now, BOW before your queen!

"this is my dad.
and he looks like shrek."
it rhymes!
hahahaha :D

being the little-kid-wannabe i am!


music/band practice at church today/friday.
played the keyboard and sang.
BABY AVIEL is soooo adorable, ain't he?

i wish that i'm as mini as a baby, again.

Queensbay tomorrow.
have a list of things to buy!!!!
meeting my darling Jasmine


banis said...

OOOOooooo Why the neck so long one?
Hodoh lah...Wakakaka

fattien said...

lolz...not touch up a bit? the skin color not matchlah but quite funny.

Mischique said...

Hey Minny!! Haha..cute photoshopping..ahh..I am totally hopeless in that area! Where are you working now by the way?

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

OMG! Minny Hilton!? Should u be in jail now? LOL... Call the cops!

danielctw said...

WHen Minny + Paris Hilton = Minolta..
ho ho ho... i cannot imagine the first pic...

papajoneh said...

Weiiii, miss u........ :)
wahhhh the first picture really shocked me. I though someone else or you become really thin. U too good to be in paris hilton body. she deserved to be in jail.. blekkk.

anyway, your dad really look like the shrek. waaahhhhhh.