Thursday, June 14, 2007

finally! i can update! :D JUNE9th

finally!! i can update (:
i'm so happy! but at the same time,
guys, i'm so sorry for not being able to entertain ya'll for one period of time.
but have no worry. minny is back!
and she has a lot to update about!
i miss the blogosphere.
i miss you peopleeeeeeeeee.

JUNE9th. went to Queensbay with Evelyn, I Min, Yee En, Jason, Jasmine, Ji Qin.
6 people.
and I'm the odd one. cuz they're all couples!

a little vanity won't hurt :P

trying on a Roxy top (:
OKAY, here's the shite;
ROXY is now opened in QUEENSBAY!
30% opening sales okay on ANY ITEM.
30! (u hear that kakak Jen?!)

lunch at sushi king (:

then, shop around for a bit.
bought some stuffs.

went to the beach (photos up in the next update)

off to Gurney Plaza
dinner @ foodloft.

my sister's happiness

saw this on the wall. i like.

Jason, Jasmine and myself

DO NOT TRY this carbonara in FOODLOFT.
everrrr. unless you wanna puke.
and cry and regret for wasting RM15.90.

try it in Pastasia if you wanna, it's amazing (:

bumped into charlene, vanessa and yew lynn later on (:
played pool too.


jimmychin said...

wah.. i wan eat sushi... next time u chia me eat.

Anonymous said...

y?? the carbonara not gud???

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

LOL... u also go get urself a boy then will not be odd one out then! LOL

alexiolim said...

wa min min... why u block of ur face on the 1st photo. i guess ppl see it will "shock" eh?

lollipop said...

uwah me like jpnese food! eekss!

Ckyeo said...

enjoy life sial....

crueltobekind said...