Saturday, June 02, 2007


It was the 31st of May 2007
time flies ya? and it's already June!
and oh, haha I loveeee my new hair.

u better like it too!
or else;


oh. the joy of not having to drive

vainpot minny.


i really do!

since the very first year of high school

right after redbox in gurney,
we drove to midlands park [:
for bowling and to the arcade place!

saw this by the road side!
"ONE TON" noodles?

keep bowling bowling bowling.
okay i literally suck at bowling.
didn't even hit 70.

*yay yay yay!*


off to play some arcade games

100 points! in 60seconds!
managed to hoop in 50 balls!
i'm so PROUD of myself!

off to baskins (:
31% off on that day!
so many people..
we waited, and waited for almost 30 minutes;
played poker instead. LOL



my face. OILY.

fried oysters.
omg, LUSH.

Next stop, McDonalds Greenlane

Played poker!
and I won a couple of times.
hahahahaha :D

Had so much funnnnn


CRIZ LAI said...

Eat play eat play eat play whole day?'s a scale...go weigh yourself see how many pounds you have gain...hehe :P

Frankie said...

yala ur new hairstyle so nice wor...of coz i LIKE it. dunwana eaten up by bear later. the bear is u isit? hahhaa.

ah i wan the penang oh jian la...

i dn like penang laksa.. sarawak laksa better. hehehe :P

Darren said...

LOL, those mispelled words at the noodles stalls are everywhere and they really crack me up