Monday, March 24, 2008

beeeeeeeeeer; cheeeeeeeeeeers

a typical hang out night with friends i shall say!
evelyn, imin, willazz, ralph, cheehsien,
benjipapa, cedric, pippo, vingie, jensen, aL.


it was a friday, and Sunset was the place
just couldnt resist the sounds of waves gently hits the shore
and the breeze that blows away your sense of heaviness.

started off with 2 buckets of skol
ended up ordering another one

damn. can you guess whose is this?

aL's favorite quote at the moment! LOL.

hung out for a bit;
then went off to Mois to join Mark and the rest!

i drink but i DONT smoke, baybehhh.

i'll be updating a little bit slower this time around
3 assignments due by this friday.

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aL said...

thau yeannnnn~!