Tuesday, March 25, 2008

somebody call the mental asylum please!

it is official!
(translation : Minny is now a nutcase!)

I guess this week has started off so rocky for me;
so many assignments due this friday, i'm losing my pace completing it,
i would rather sit and stare out from my dorm window.
instead of flipping through notes and typing away my assignment,
here i am ranting and bragging.

my phone line got barred. curses!
my phone died on me. keypads 1, 2 & 3 keep malfunctioning.
room's in a mess. books all over.
my finals starts in two weeks; godamnit.
my left foot hurts like shit; been a week already.
i feel insignificant.
i feel reluctant.
let's see, what else?
oh yeah, im so pissed off with some people, you know.
this is when the time is NOT right for my mind to have irrelevant thoughts clumping in!
sometimes i wish i could just dig out my brain to refrain from thinking all those shitty stuffs that might turn out to be NOT true after all. ohmigod.

focus minny, focus.

told you it's messy.
assignment 1 : 95% done
assignment 2 : 90% done
assignment 3 : 15% done
tutorial homework : 0% done

fuck it.

due by friday; all of it.
i wish i have like 48 hours a day.
i need to unwind, you idiots.

self entertainment :D

anyway, im glad i went out with JJ, Vingie and aL earlier today.
Im feeling way better now.

i'm such a nerd.
let's party after i hand in ALL of my assignments?


UncleJosh said...


work takes time to finish... and you should stay using some of those time to finish...

i shall unwind you...

aL said...

yerh. why you write my name there?

thao yean~! LOL XD

Eric said...

Haha ... This is what studies or college is about ... Tans of Assignments ...

Gambateh ...!

KY said...

your carpet color is a bit interesting. :/

JJzai said...

Mami siao liao!
but why still looks hot and cute after you siao one?

JJzai said...

Mami siao liao!
but why still looks hot and cute after you siao one?

Minny said...

UNCLEJOSH : haha thanks josh! im all done anyway!

AL : thao yean~ write oso kenot?

ERIC : yeah! and thats the only thing i hate about uni lol besides finals :(

KY : it's my stupid dorm cement floor la. haha

JJZAI : siao la. abothen :P