Friday, March 21, 2008

13 years; memories!

finally! after 13 freakin years,
i breathed in that same old Genting breeze again.

so, Willaz was the man behind the wheels to and fro Genting.
we went with his ride of course;
our ears were pretty much delighted with jazz and hiphop tunes
throughout the whole journey.
not being able to remember a single shit about my '13 years ago' trip,
except a few hours earlier la, i slept like nobody's business :P

it was c-c-c-c-cold!

we checked in;
four of us had a room to ourselves.
the rest of the gang booked another room!

my Genting trip camwhore buddybuddy.

it was a funny attempt trying to get into the casinos there.
i'm still UNDERAGE - like, DUH!
and i got stopped and then bounced out after that.
hell, i was even told "datang balik pada bulan oktober"

but i managed to walk in two times.
obviously, Ralph encountered the worst.
he's stopped every single time he tried to get in;
until the point where he had to borrow someone's IC

Played Rollette, Three Pictures, Casino War - i think that's about it.
had a really fun time there.
The rest went to the Theme Park (i wanted to go SO badly)
but, oh well, i was promised to the fact that we're gonna go play the next day
and heck, it didn't happen. but i was cool with it. ended up going to KL instead.

After dinner, Satkuru and Daniel joined Ralph and me at the casino.
Stayed there til like 4 in the morning. craziness.

not exactly.
we went to Midvalley, KL.

Satkuru, myself and Mr.Spongebob!
so cute can?!

A group picture before we left genting.
godamnit, i look stoned! for more photos!
go go go go.

had carls jr for lunch!
then headed home to penang [:
right after, I went to Bt.Feringghi with Mark and Roby

truckload of assignmentsssssssssssss.


Satkuru said...

hahaha i dun remember posing like that :P me want the pic ! :D

next time we can go casino again, with ralph and daniel :P

vingie said...

i went casino too! rm50 hilang and then kena buang keluar..cos my face too cute they know im underage! XD

iCalvyn said...

go into casino ah... not bad leh... got go to play or not :P hehe

Shakadal said...
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