Thursday, March 06, 2008

tower of sushi plates

So, aL had this SMS voucher thingy from sushiking.
it's like a buy 1 free 1 thing,
but it applies on sushis.
thanks for inviting us for dinner, aL!
{click here for aL ham mama's webby}

meet the hot sisters :)
zhigie and vingie

JJ, AL and me!

dont ever order this.
a big NONO.
aL's telur telur.

this is how much we ate that night.

the next day i had this presentation in class for my minor studies
we had to come out with a sketch which describes and explains how the radio and recording companies are dependent on each other to survive. In other words - symbiosis.

whoaaaaa. :D
singer, konon.
my lecturer said that IM A GOOD ACTRESS.
happy sial!

overall, our group did a great job [:

dont i just remind you of your mother?
"go clean your room, NOW!"

man, i cant find the mood to blog.
i try to smile but my heart is breaking into pieces.
what can i do?


vingie said...

iBenci my hair! T.T

Amei79 said...

I dont like what u so called big NONO too, too smelly & fishy, iaAAAAKe!

Minny said...

VINGIE : harrr. hello! ur hair's nice okay! :)

AMEI79 : hahaha exactly! my friend ate then she was like eeyer. -.- and she offered me her dish LOL

iCalvyn said...

so tham ciak, when bill come, how much it is? pok kai lo :(