Thursday, December 20, 2007


i remember like it was yesterday
first kiss & i know u changed the game
you had me exactly where you wanted and i'm on it
and i ain't ever gonna let you get away
so special, boy it's your smile
yeah we're so in loveeeee.....
Nicole Scherzinger - baby love

I HAVEN'T UPDATED IN DAYS; neither have i visited your blogs! I'm really tempted to but I moved back into my hostel in USM a few days back and I couldn't get connected because the server was down. pfft. i had so much fun for the past week. living life like crazy; like every 20 year old supposed to live theirs. nevertheless, my timetable for this semester in university is really packed especially on wednesdays and thursdays. hey, i need to enjoy as much as i can and party hard before i get back to becoming a full time nerd right?! :D

so here's a sneak peek of what's coming up next in my blog!

a 'bitch'y story :D
SHOUTOUTs official bbq party on the 16th of Dec.

NO. not this kinda beach outing
ah! i wore the same pair of shorts though! lol

boobielicious? I WISH, lol.
too bad it rained.
we had to scamper off to somewhere else
didn't take much pictures with my camera; i need a new one
(christmas is near, now u know what to get me! haha)

she's hot. and she rocks, totally
visit her blog :)
{click here}

cedric, aL, emily, angeline, wendy, ME, vingie
ced and aL looked stunned
but i love this picture nevertheless :)

COME BACK for more pics!
will update when i have a hold of the pictures off everybody else's cam.

much love.



vingie said...

wow (:

minnnnnnyyyy ~

sobsobs* i'm gonna like miss u so much when i leave next year.. booo hoooooooo....

WillaZz said...

wow... i wonder where am I during that time.. LOL

aL said...

minnyyyyyyyyyy!!! hamisu my pic stoned geh?!

vingie dont goooooooooooooooooooooooo! i will miss you like crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy!