Tuesday, December 25, 2007


have a minnylicious christmas everybody!

and so, im offering this simple phrase
to kids from one to ninety two
although it's been said
many times, many ways

CLICK TO PLAY :) this song is amazing.
so beautiful.

i know u know which one is me :D
anyway, our church had a Christmas Celebration on the 23rd of this month.

evelyn, samantha, emily and imin
we went upstairs to get ready for our performances that night

dont they look cute?!

me and the two beautiful sisters
samantha and emily

the BEST girls come from small towns :)
me, samantha, florence, felicia, imin, evelyn, emily

meet dennalyn! :)
she's currently living in south africa with her parents

so cute!

felicia and me
we both have different styles going on :D

lined up for our performance
i looked like some creep with that blingbling thingy on my head

christmas carols..
gawd. where was i lookin.
i look like i was checking out the deer's butt!

we danced to Hark! the herald angels sing
mariah carey's version
the lil kids are soooo cute i tell ya

i think i look too punk to be an angel :(

GARGHHHH arent they cute?! hahahahaha
the three kings of orient!

foolin around with the cradle
which makes me MOTHER mary MINNY.

christmas celebration in church was a success
we had so much food! i can still remember how the turkey taste like. so gooddddd.

so share, how was your christmas? :)


danielctw said...

>_< Christmas arr... only gone to church on Christmas morning.. hehe

But on Christmas Eve went out countdown until 4am.. Have fun there gal.. *poof*

vingie said...

minny the tall angel~~

SaeWei said...

Wahseh!!! You had a lot of tun there Min Min~~

My Christmas was kinda erm... boring because all I did was sleep, eat, watch tv, eat, sleep, watch tv.. :S


Des said...

merry xmas and a joyous 2008 ahead!

Satkuru said...

wah nice pics ! where got look like creep ler. not bad huh, got blink blink on the head also :P

have a super new year ahead :D

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